US Army

Petroleum Supply Specialist, Honorably Discharged from the 900th Quartermaster Company in 2011.


Was the youngest age allowed by law to be an over the road truck driver, did that for 18 months. Always had plans for Graduate School but wanted to take some time to travel the states. School wasn't going anywhere.


ETS'ed out of the Military and became a contractor in Iraq for 18 months. Managed the accounting for the Hot Refuling farm and automated all reports, making 2 other accounting possistions obsolete.

BS in CS

Recieved my Bacholar's Degree in Computer Science at The University of Texas at El Paso December 2013. Ten years after high school gradutation. A little older, but a lot wiser with more life under my belt.


Project Manager at a small in house Natural Language Processing Studio. Specialized in Rule based NLP & Data Science

Data Science

Sr Software Engineer at a leading Intellegence Contractor. Specializations in NLP, ML & Data Science

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