Cognitive Computing:

Paths to building intelligent machines are being researched more then ever before. Big names include: The Blue Brain Project, IBM and The SyNAPSE Project, The Human Connectome Project, Google with Ray Kurzweil, and Jeff Hawkins with Numenta to name a few.
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Quantum Computing: D-Wave

Vast potential yet to be realized. Currently designed to solve only discrete optimization problems. Maybe in the near future we will be able to do exhausted debugging, and enough power to compute millions of atomic reactions, redefining molecular dynamics simulations.
Although I have major concerns about computer security with this kind of power; I think a single quantum computer in the wrong hands is more dangerous than weapons of mass destruction, and I'm not sure about what is being done about this.

Cryptocurrency: like bitcoin

The potential for changing how governments and economies work is jaw dropping... Fractional reserve banking will be a thing of the past, and governments can't print money to fund wars.
Watch bitcoin being transfered all over the world, or even listen to it at
Blockchain voting will fundamentally change the world as well, checkout BlockChain Voting: FollowMyVote & Democracy Earth

Vsauce: Intelligent Entertainment

Check out Vsauce(ε & 1 & 2). Watch every video.

Craft Beer: Stouts, Trappists & IPAs

After rough day, slow sipping some good strong craft beer with close friends or colleagues is a great low-key relaxing way to take a load off. For me pairing a nice bitter extra hopy IPA with a good cheese selection or some appetizers makes for a perfect night.