Minecraft ANN

NPC (non-player characters) controlled by artificial neural networks. A sort of genetic experiment using the minecraft universe as the learning stage.

iOS Development

One man app development, realizing a few app ideas I've kept to myself. See trifidEarth.com for more information.


OpenWorm aims to build the first comprehensive computational model of the C. elegans, a microscopic roundworm. I am helping in order to better understand neural networks from a biological perspective.

So Many Ideas: so little time

When I'm not working full time as a Software Engineer, or fixing up my newly purchased fixer-upper home, I try to make some time to continue and further explore some of my many project ideas.

GitHub projects

Checkout my github for details on my most current personal projects. I might jump around a little bit, but I'm still taking time to get all my older projects found and pushed into github.

MIPS: simulator

MIPS assembly pipeline simulator in java. Takes in assembly code from text file, converts it to machine code, and then interprets the machine code to change register values and process assembly instructions. Register values and MIPS pipeline state is logged after each assembly code instruction. Processor level caching is implemented as well.

SenQual: Anomaly Detection

As part of CS 4311 Software Engineering, this web application lets users specify constraints over different types of weather sensors and alerts the user if sensor data has exceeded said constraints.
This is a sample until I manage a Tomcat Server