Sample of the SenQual Project:

This is a functionally limited version of the original project until I can host the whole project on a tomcat server, so currently data is hard coded.
As part of CS 4311 Software Engineering, this web application lets users specify contstraints over different types of weather sensors and alerts the user if sensor data has exceeded said constraints.
It conforms to the layout specified in the Software Requirements Specification Document for the project.

For the project I used a Three-Tiered Archetecture using the PHP/Java Bridge, web 2.0 for the presentation layer, and actual Java for the business layer (Tomcat Server), and MySQL for the database.
Please use this as a very simple example of javascript form interaction. Thank you.
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Welcome to SenQual

The Sensor Quality (SenQual) Monitor System provides users with the ability to specify rules that can be used to monitor data collected in near real time or data that has been stored in files.


Manage registered sensors in a brand new way! Embeded GoogleMaps® gives you a geospacial view of all of your sensors. You can add modify sensor metadata, and even search through all metadata to find just what your looking for.


Formally known as 'Data Properties', SenQual allows you to create anything from a simple 'this must always be true' rule to a highly technical 5 option duration bounded rule, with 4 option definiton. Each formula is capable of multiple computing multiple sensors, and AND/OR/NOT boolean operators.

Dashboard Graphs

Once you 'Monitor' your rules, you can not only get notifications of anomallies, but with embedded FusionCharts® you can see them too! We provide you monitored data to be graphed, and anomalies are highlited for easy view, and raw data is provided for view and/or download as well.